the last couple months

a short hike

sorry for being quiet around here. i've been preoccupied with a personal quest to achieve health. and i've been doing a lot of research for detoxing and transitioning into raw foods and vegan lifestyle. with that said, i may do an update on that real soon so stay tuned if your interested. i'll try and not make this blog about that. but i figured, since it is a personal blog for documenting my life, health is definitely a huge part of it. as some of you may remember, i've gotten sick really bad last winter, and i realize my immune system is degenerating. so that's the gist of the reason why i've decided to do this. so i'll probably just share my progress and some recipes i've found rather delicious along the way.

avocado lime soup


here are some pictures from september


Indian summer

Sofia stole a shot

across the bridge from where we live is staten island. i found out that they have this awesome park there and they opened up a chinese garden. in september, they had an Autumn Moon Festival so we checked it out.

koi pond

bamboo forest


  1. always spectacular photos! I especially love the one with your little one against the wall of chinese characters.

    I fasted some time ago, and it made me realize how much junk I put into my body. The first three days were difficult, but after that, I felt just fine. It has defiantly made me more aware of what I ate. I am eating much more healthier than I was a year ago. I think that's great you are looking to change your food diet. People don't realize the toxins that go into foods, and how much harm goes into your body. I applaud you, Ms. Anabella. I am very much looking forward to seeing future blog post about your progress and reading the yummy recipes. I know a few good recipies myself, for desserts and light meals (we should totally exchange recipes!!)

  2. Ohh I'd love to hear more about your detox and please do share some recipes! After nearly a week of being violently sick from food poisoning, Taurin and I are cooking just about every meal at home. And most of our meals tend to be vegan. P.S. These are beautiful photos, Anabella!

  3. I LOVE those photos from Staten Island. Everything looks so crisp and faded and orderly. I'd love to hear some healthy recipes though I'm a terrible cook who would probably never actually be able to duplicate them..

  4. Beautiful photos, very dreamy!