apple picking!

yay, it's september and fall is practically here! on wednesday, we were supposed to go to sesame place, but as it turns out, the park is only open on the weekends. so we decided to trek back up to northern new jersey to alstede farms and we ended up picking our own produce. i used to go apple picking every year with my own family but I haven't since I gave birth, so this is Sofia's first time. i forgot how much fun it is. i miss going with my family though, but with just us three it was the beginning of our own family tradition.

we got apples, peaches, eggplants & raspberries.

fuji apples

the animals there were so friendly.

picking raspberries

you could also cut your own flowers there

there was us and a few other people there, but the farm is so big that it felt like we were the only ones there. it was nice to be surrounded by all that greenery and it was so peaceful and beautiful, it was truly a perfect day.


  1. WOW! Your photographs are so beautiful! They're so intimate yet easy to relate to. Your adventure looks A LOT like where I'm living now! You're welcome to visit anytime :)

  2. Annabella, these are beautiful photos. I keep looking back at the first three, especially. Also, your daughter is adorable with the apples! I wish I could go apple-picking and bake my sour cream apple pie!

  3. Hello Ms. Annabella! It's been a while.
    I can see from your post that you've been doing well. :)
    I really enjoy your apple picking pictures.
    You were also able of pick eggplants and raspberries? Lucky!!!
    It all looks so delicious.
    I'm sure you'll be making yummy foods with your pickings.
    haha, Sofia is funny with those apples!!

  4. these are beautiful. especially loving that first and last one.

  5. I love the tones in ALL of these. The last one is so beautiful.

    In sort of related apple-news, I was eating an apple today and took a huge bite, and a piece was kind of hanging out of my mouth, and my puppy grabbed it and ate it. Sorry, that was gross. But it happened. Not a fuji apple, though.