Hello, old friends.

I've moved....
9 months ago...
back home to Chicago.

Everything feels right for me now. I quit that miserable job and I've realized that New York is not my vibe. I love NY for what it is, but I couldn't enjoy it without my family and friends. It took a toll on my health and I knew I had to make a change. So here I am. And that's the gist. Since I'm starting from scratch again I figure I should start a different blog. I've started using tumblr again, because these days I haven't much words to write. A lot of words will be left unwritten and kept spoken between close friends. I miss writing though. So I hope I can start that up again so I can share with a new perspective. But for now, I may just sporadically post pictures from this past year.

Please do keep in touch if you can:

Love & Light,


  1. Ms. Anabella! Great to hear from you! Also, very glad to hear that your health is much better. :)
    I do miss seeing your updates, it's been so long.
    I don't have a tumblr, but I will definitely follow!
    You always take such lovely photos.
    Anyways, glad to hear everything is well with you.
    Take care!

  2. Rina-dear! thanks for responding. i just visited your blog earlier and didn't get a chance to leave you a message. thanks for sharing Julia Pott's work. you always have something lovely to share. I may just start up another blog on blogger because the thing about tumblr is that it isn't conducive much to interaction as far as being able to leave comments and forming friendly connections. i'll see how it goes and i am excited to be able to start sharing photos again. so much has happened and things are finally starting to peter itself out and i have a bit more time for reflection. thank you again for keeping in touch. i didnt think anyone still read this. <3<3