a week of sunsets

there was a whole week when the sun was setting right after i was able to pick up sofi. the moment lasts for a good 15 minutes. it feels slow at first and ends rather quickly. the colors change so much in these few minutes, and suddenly it is only darkness. it's getting darker and feeling much later than it really is. now, i only get to watch the sunset from the bus on the way to pick her up and by the time i get there, the sky is only a tint of blue. it is also 20 degrees colder now.


so what are you going as for halloween?
sofi's going to be a dinosaur.
she's been practicing her "rawr".
speaking of which, do dinosaurs say "rawr"?
and how do we know this?
also, dinosaurs are dragons, no? or rather -
all dragons are dinosaurs, but not all dinosaurs are dragons.


breakfast 5 days a week: tea + oatmeal

brooklyn diary. loved seeing tim harrington in this.

milk bar, cake truffle. oh my.

new francois payard bakery opened up near work.
so far i've tried a hazelnut cake roll and the almond croissant.
both are unforgettable.

i'm exhausted, though my life is pretty mundane. i can only entertain thoughts of excitement.
i find myself daydreaming a lot more lately and i feel really bugged when someone talks to me. i try to have me time at work and plug my ears with my headphones, although at times it really isn't playing anything. i only have one hour of lunch all to myself. people ask me to go to lunch with them, and not to be rude, but i've started bringing lunch just so i could enjoy a quiet moment. i always thought i would be better at socializing when i'm older, but i guess that will never change. perhaps it would be different if people didn't talk too much. i'm especially bothered by the girl who's jaw dropped because i was looking for a bookstore. she was in disbelief. she asked me, "a bookstore? for what?"
"to buy a book to read, duh."
"yeah, but why? that's too much work!"
ha. maybe if she read more, she wouldn't be talking so much hot air.
i guess this is why i'm drawn towards the bookish types. they're usually quiet and when they do speak, they actually have something interesting to say, or at least i imagine so. i for one try to be as boring as i can, but people seem to keep coming back to chat me up. ugh, fail.


5 senses friday
(via abbytriesagain )

i recently discovered abby's blog, which is so inspiring! i thought this a great idea.


whole wheat bagel with egg, cheese, and avocado


lavender and wild flowers shea butter


going to the park and watching the orange purple sunset with sofie everyday


every time i go outside for a walk i play this song,
j'suis pas d'ici by thomas dutronc


soft soaped


This weekend seemed pretty eventful and by that I mean we got to do laundry Friday night and Sofia spent the night at her grandma's. Saturday morning I had to wait for a guy to come re-grout our bathroom tiles. It took him all day, even though he made it seem as if he was going to be done in 3 hours. Anyway I took advantage of it and cooked a couple of dishes, listened to records and watched most of 'Louie CK' on netflix. He's hilarious!

On the other hand Sofia had a fever that day, but I couldn't leave to pick her up because the guy grouting the bathroom was taking forever. I felt bad. Thankfully it lasted only for one day. She had the chills but her temperature was between 100 - 103F, so I wrapped her up and she went to bed early. She was able to sweat it out that night. The following morning she woke me up all giggling and shouting my name. We even went to the carnival and ate zeppoles.

(update on my camera issue: it's not a light leak, the marks are stretch marks from when i rewound the film all haphazardly and forced it too much. i'll be gentle from now on.)

butternut squash soup with gorgonzola croutons
adapted from smitten kitchen

warm butternut and chickpea salad with tahini
from orangette

i actually didn't like it very much with the chickpea and onions.
but i did love the squash by itself.
however, andrew turned it into hummus. lol


morning commute.

so i'm not going to pretend that i haven't been obsessing over this first world problem of mine with this camera. but i have come to a conclusion that i should at least change the battery and purchase myself a seal kit on ebay.


so i found a spotmatic on craigslist for $35, but i paid $25. i'm quite proud of this. the first roll i took mostly outside (see previous posts). but this second roll i developed, i noticed these lines, or lightleaks. i am still in denial and blaming cvs for frockin up my pictures. but my heart feels heavy when i see these images because i know that the camera is most likely leaking light. please tell me it ain't so.


my sister's little budding seed appears to be a boy.


hello, autumn.

we would've named you Autumn, but you came in Summer instead.

it's been busy around here as usual, but we'll take any chance we can get
to enjoy the outdoors before all the pretty flowers and sunlight go away.


i miss these guys