"not yo mama's craft fair"

arts and crafts,
knick knacks,
food trucks,
live music
& people watching.

i really enjoyed this craft fair, though i wish there could have been more shade to sit under, or maybe some grass to sit on. but other than that it was nice to see what the local artists and craftsmen/women have created. i'm starting to really like jersey city. it's chill, but it got it's own spunk. i also really like the old industrial buildings in that area, which i'm pretty sure will soon turn into some converted lofts... it would be awesome if i could do some sort of urban anthropology project to document this.

but anyhow, i feel like my words are just reiterating the pictures i'm showing you.

i really wish i could take better street photos. it's so hard to just take a picture of some stranger standing in front of you. and is it just me, but does it feel like when you are holding a camera people notice you more? i get pretty intimidated to take pictures of some real characters worthy to be photographed. but i feel like i should ask for permission first, but then it would just feel unnatural to do so. i really don't know how to get past this. any suggestions or stories from your own experiences, good or bad? do share. i am curious.