"Rachel says that love is like a big black piano being pushed off the top of a three-story building and you're waiting on the bottom to catch it. But Lourdes says it's not that way at all. It's like a top, like all the colors in the world are spinning so fast they're not colors anymore and all that's left is a white hum.

There was a man, a crazy who lived upstairs from us when we lived on South Loomis. He couldn't talk, just walked around all day with his harmonica in his mouth. Didn't play it. Just sort of breathed through it, all day long, wheezing, in and out, in and out.

This is how it is with me. Love I mean."

Sandra Cisneros (Woman Hollering Creek: And Other Stories)

sleepy time

A: why are you going to sleep so early?
B: because it feels good.
A: but it's only 9:30. that's like 10 hours of sleep.
B. technically i fall asleep around 10:30, so more like 9 hours.
A. that's still a lot!
B: well, i'm making up for 2 years of lost sleep.