blackbird, fly

"... if you find me," said the little bunny, "I will be a bird and fly away from you."

"If you become a bird and fly away from me," said her mother,
"I will be a tree that you come home to."

- the runaway bunny

for mother's day, andrew surprised me with the blackbird, fly. it's a toy twin reflex camera which uses 35mm film and it allows you shoot in normal 35mm, square format, as well as large format. in this case, since its 35mm film it will shoot over the sprockets. that's what i shot with the photos above. but obviously no sprockets as i had come to find how difficult it is to scan them in. i'm hoping to stop by the lomography store next week and pick up a digatal liza. as a side note, i also found a natura classica at the lomo store yesterday! it was such a surprise because i thought they only sell that in a japan. but, much to my dismay, it is too expensive.

anyhow this is my first roll from the blackbird, fly camera. it's very similar to the lomo, but the actual taking of the picture is a whole different experience. i love looking through the viewfinder. sofia loves it too. we went for a walk with it a couple of weeks ago and i let her hold it. here's one from her point of view:

so, it feels like i haven't updated this thing in a while. i guess i've been sort of occupied with other things. and taking pictures with the phone in all its instant gratification has also been preoccupying me. although naturally, it's still not the same.

so oddly enough, i decided to develop the two rolls i've managed to accumulate this past couple of months. turns out one is from the bbf and the other one from the lomo. so i guess i may as well post these pics now too, since i feel like its been such a while ago. but really it isn't.

(sofia is asleep right now, knocked out from the day at the beach. thankfully, it's a holiday tomorrow so i might as well make a holiday out of this post. sort off. i'm just assuming that this will probably be a really long post since i started writing this 8 hours ago... before we went to the beach.)

actually now that i'm looking at these pics, some of them are from winter. and i just decided that i'll probably upload the lomo pics after i finish writing this post. since it's making me look back too far into the past (ei: last month).

ok, i lied. i'm feeling tired now and i want to watch a movie. so maybe i'll just make a separate post for that.

bye, for now.


mood indigo

it was andrew's birthday yesterday.
happy birthday baby dad.
last night: park slope, brooklyn
saw dale earnhardt jr. jr.

i wish i could live like this everyday.
until then, i'll live music to music.


happy mamas day!

we didn't make any plans for today. then we had all kinds of plans, but we didn't even end up doing what we planned...

this morning when sofia got up from bed, she tells me, "mommy i'll be back. i have a surprise for you. paper and drawing." she then went to the living room, but completely forgot about it. it was a sweet gesture though and that was enough. i don't think she had any idea what mothers day is all about, but i'm sure she had intuited something special about today. she's seriously intuitive like that. when she was only 8 months old and meeting her new jersey family for the first time, she didn't cry. but if it was a person who was not family, she would immediately cry. she's really good with the vibes.

so today adrienne, baby leila and audrey spent the day with us. we initially planned to have a picnic. couldn't decide what to eat though. then decided it was too hot. so i said, let's go to the beach, half joking. then adrienne suggested coney island! so here we are driving towards coney island and thought, man, that's kind of far. so we switched it up to the aquarium instead. turns out the aquarium is located in coney island. so we continued on our merry way. then, sofia said her stomach was hurting, so we decide to take the first exit we see. we didn't know where to find a bathroom though and we kept seeing signs to the staten island zoo. so we ended up at the zoo.

sorry for the tmi. i just thought it was kind of funny. the zoo turned out to be pretty awesome. i saw a lot of animals i haven't seen before, most especially a llama! and they were sooo adorable. there were peacocks just roaming about and we got to feed donkeys, goats, sheep, ponies and the llamas. even though the zoo was small and didn't have lions and bears and tigers, i really liked that people were allowed to interact with most of the animals there.



oh, hello may day

:)easter sunday

my mind is like an orchard
clustered in frozen portraits
blossoms that blooms so fine
just to drop from the vine
i've seen it all tonight.


spring always looks so nice with all the blooming flowers and greens and warmth of the sunshine.
i wish it felt as good as it looks. but lately i've just been feeling so weary and tired and can't do much but watch movies. i was under the impression that spring was supposed to give you that jolt of energy and make you feel rejuvenated, all young and fresh like the flowers. so while wondering what was wrong with me, i decided to look up spring fever. lo and behold, there it is "frühjahrsmüdigkeit". so funny, because i recognized this word from sewon's recent blog entry. it is a german word that is translated to something like "spring tiredness". my joints have been aching as well as my hips, and i decided to go to yoga with adrienne last night. it actually felt good despite looking pretty ridiculous trying my best to balance on one foot.


this morning was really nice. the sun was out, the sky was blue with white fluffy clouds. a man was mowing the lawn and the cool breeze smelled of fresh cut grass. even though it sounds like such a cliche spring day, it made me feel so good.


so i went and bought myself the gift of an iphone and i was going to chalk it up to spring fever... but whatever, i have made so much justification for this splurge but in the end i am happy that i did. all of these images were taken with it and i have been so addicted to the instagram app, that i have not picked up a real camera for a month. i guess i won't be purchasing a new digital camera.