ms. lauryn hill, finally!

we missed you too.
(pictures from brooklyn vegan)

now i understand.



I've been listening to Radiolab these past couple of days and I'd experience moments of revelation for every single episode. And I mean hair-rising, eyes opening wide, moments of stillness and silence in my mind. I'd feel at ease. I learn something new every time. Like how I used to feel when I went to school, except this happens right here, at work, one after another every 15 minutes or so. I go on autopilot at work, but my mind is completely somewhere else. I am able to be in two places at once, and I feel like I am cheating the system (whatever system that may be).

I just wanted to share this with you.


happy august

This summer has been pretty eventful and it will continue to be until the end of this month.
On the days we're not having/going to a party or on the road to go somewhere, we go for an ice cream drive. If we're too broke for that, we make milkshakes at home and watch tons of movies on netflix.
I'm half glad summer will be over soon. Though it's meant for lazing about we instead feel pressure to do something because it's "summer" and it can be really tiring.
But it's been fun.

So far my summer list is almost complete:
- road trips
- swimming
- vacations
- bbq's
- visiting family
- doing touristy things in nyc
(ie: staten island ferry, time square, etc.)
- hot air balloons
- watching a summer blockbuster: Toy Story 3

& looking forward to:
- watch Inception
- sharon jones & the dap-kings + the budos band free at prospect park this sat.
- my friends visiting me on..
- my birthday weekend..
- go to Rock the Bells on Gov's Island ..
- & finally seeing Ms. Lauryn Hill perform.