cinema with the kiddo

We love watching films, but since Sofia was born it has been a bit difficult to sit through a whole movie. She'd get bored and start crying for attention so I usually just pause the movie or give up watching the rest of it. However, when we watched Paper Moon (3 weeks ago), Sofia paid attention and sat through the whole movie! This was a first. I recommend watching this on a Saturday afternoon because it adds to the feel of the movie. I am still over the moon about the precocious Addy (who became the youngest girl to win an Oscar because of her role) , the stunning cinematography, and mostly the relationship between Addy and Moze. The story begins with Addy's mom's funeral. She doesn't know who her dad is and a man (Moze) shows up and ends up having the task of driving Addy to her Aunt who lives in Missouri. As with all road trip movies, the journey is filled with adventures that changes both their lives and their relationship with one another. It is just absolutely funny and wonderful and it still makes me happy thinking about it.

Last night I decided to put on The Red Balloon, knowing how much Sofia loves balloons I knew she would love it. It has been a while (probably 20 years) since I saw this movie, so naturally my memory was fuzzy about what happens in the end. So we sat down to watch the movie and as soon as Sofia saw the balloon she stood up from the chair and was drawn in. I tried to sit her down, but she got up again and was completely focused on the film. Eventually she laid down and I gave her a bottle.

When we got to the part where to balloon gets deflated, Sofia had a sad look on her face. It didn't help that I said, "aww no more balloon. bye-bye balloon." After I said that she started crying. She was so sad and I tried to cheer her up when the boy flies away with all the balloons, but that only made her cry louder! I had to stop the movie to calm her down. I took her to the bedroom and played with her, but she still wouldn't stop crying. I realized that this may have triggered a memory of hers. I month ago, she found a balloon by the ice cream shop and she was playing with it and it popped. She cried a lot too and when we tried to give her a new one, she didn't want it and held on to the deflated balloon. She wouldn't let go of it until after we got home and gave her a bath. lol She was so cute. I couldn't believe how sentimental she is, but I'm not surprised. She's just like me.


lunch hour

i make it a point to go outside for lunch, especially when its nice out. sometimes i eat ice cream, or read a book in this nice little garden tucked in the west village. it can be very peaceful and quite the contrary to what most people think of new york: busy, crowded, noisy, etc. sometimes if you look in the right places, you can find the perfect hideaway.


sweet and simple days

"i really learned a lot
how to dust off my heart
how to make it shine
how to take a field of dandelions
and make dandelion wine"

"such sweet and simple days
though bitter tasted the wine
we drank it anyway
for love had made it fine
when the world was young
when the road was bright
and the morning poured
its golden light
like dandelion wine "

- ron sexsmith, "dandelion wine" -

i am in love with this season. more sun, more daylight, more time to spend outside. though it isn't officially summer yet, i've been listening to compilations of songs from the summer of '04 and it always brings a smile to my face.


sunset at the park

she's so big now. i can't believe it myself. i get so sad when i'm at work, because i always miss her terribly. i feel bad because sometimes, she would rather go with her lola and i know it's because she spends more time with her. i really want to quit my job so i can be with her. this is the best age so far. she's like a sponge, learning things i wasn't even teaching her, doing things i didn't even know she knew. i don't want to miss it anymore.


the little things

i got flowers from work last week. it was "appreciation day". my boss immediately said it wasn't from her, but whatever. i wasn't even expecting her to get me anything. but even if it's something they had to do, it still felt nice to get them.
it's the little things that make my week brighter.

tokyo tower stamp & mast brothers chocolate

to me, new york always feels like a big amusement park for adults.
so every once in a while i buy myself a little something something.