haven't been feeling well all weekend and have been sort of stuck at home. it started friday after lunch, i had a massive headache that wouldn't go away and i left work early because of it. that night i had chills in my bones, the feverish kind. this happened a few times before and i've since learned to manage it. you have to really wrap yourself up so that you can sweat the cold out of your body. that helps a lot. unfortunately, it's not so easy to call in sick when you have a child. so even when your sick, you still have to attend their needs. i finally feel like i have time for myself, which i really need. more and more lately i realize how much i prefer being alone. i don't like chaos, and anything that is out of control. it is exhausting to me. don't get me wrong, i also do not like things to be perfect.. that just weirds me out. i appreciate and find beauty in the imperfect, i just don't like loud and crazy and belligerence. i've also been feeling weird vibes. like something isn't right. and i worry about such things...

anyhow, these pictures are completely unrelated to this post, but they are making me happy at the moment. they were shot throughout the month of may/june. it is taking me a while to complete a roll of film these days, which i now find to be more satisfying.

the first picture was shot one morning at home before i left for work.
the second one is from a bakery in lower east side on our way to a street fest. this was the bakery i went to the first time i visited new york in 2007.
and the third one is from inside a mcdonald's in coney island.

ps. carla morrison saved me today