spring has sprung

i've never seen so many blooming trees in my life. it's really lovely to walk around our neighborhood this time of the year. bd doesn't really like where we live, because the people here can be a bit off at times. specially those east of avenue c. i find some things a bit odd too, like how there's a church in almost every single corner, if not, every 2-3 blocks apart. it's really weird. it's also a bit conservative compared to new york city or jersey city which is only 15 minutes away. i've heard that despite it being so close to the city, some people have not step foot out of this peninsula. but i do like the quietness and the peaceful walk home. it's not the city but also not quiet the suburbs. i also like how i can walk everywhere: grocery store, restaurants, my doctor and my dentist (but still drive anyway).


discovering nooks around the corner.

one thing i love about new york city is you can turn on one corner and be in a whole new world.

this is a thrift shop in soho called housing works. they sell mostly designer stuff and a bit more expensive. as a point of reference, i found a new (w/ tags on it) steven alan messenger bag in there for $75, which normally retails for about $200. they also have housewares. shoes and cute vintage dresses. next door is their used bookstore with a nice cafe inside. everyone that works there is a volunteer because, like the brown elephant, they donate all the monies to end homelessness and AIDS.

also this street is real short, probably the length of this building, but these pictures were all taken in that one block.


rainy day monday

I had fun this weekend. I went to the dentist for the first time in two years and I'm proud to say I don't have any tooth decays! Unfortunately, I need a crown which is just as expensive as the ones that go on top of your head. On Friday I had drinks at LITM with BD after he got back from DC. It felt nice to be out and just relax after a long stressful week. Saturday night was full of lmao's with Yoko and Bonnie. It sounds like we have an active social life, but don't be fooled, it was a blue moon.

I wish we could do this more often.


mahalo sarsi

this post is dedicated to J since he's moving to hawaii next week.
coincidentally, i developed ten rolls of film last week & discovered
these pictures in the lot from our southwest road trip in 2008.

this song 'the highway' by peter & the wolf sums up that road trip for me.

"wake up, were driving it's best to keep moving. things are going okay.
eating fruit on the highways, trying to stay healthy.
dreaming of the old days. eye sockets running out in the fields.
the life of the farmer, it always appeals to me.
i wrote on a postcard i may or may not send.
i was keeping distracted until i saw horses and thought of you."

J. was notorious for smoking cigarettes at that time. having learned i was pregnant, he decided he would not smoke around me. i was so proud of him because even though it was so hard for him not to smoke in the car, he was careful and considerate of me the whole way through -- from chicago -- texas -- new orleans -- memphis --and then back to chicago.
however, this might be the reason he decided to gulp down a liter of moutain dew
which turned him into a chatterbox and king of karaoke-in-the-car-while-bella-tries-to-sleep.
nevertheless, it proved to himself that he could quit smoking if he wanted to.
a year later, he did... noting that this trip was a precursor to it all.

now, with the weird air left behind, he will be be taking off in a week to follow the sun & worship the waves.
he'll breathe in a new life and know what lightness feels.

here's to your many many new adventures to come, my good friend.
i've enjoyed our voyages together and look forward to sharing a few more when i see you
in your new home.