scene: CHELSEA

west elm

angel st. thrift shop

▲ housing works

☞ antique shop

halcyon (DUMBO)

rebel, rebel records (west village)

the afternoon was spent on 17th st. thrifting, antiquing, record shopping & more record shopping. i convinced the ladies that we must go to MOMA afterwards and they agreed. on the way there we stopped to get coffee around 53rd st. and i realized we were right across from the ed sullivan theater. um, hello deli?! what a perfect time to get on the list for standby tickets to see dave letterman. luckily time and the weather was on our side and we were able to get on the list. killed about a couple hours and ate at empanada mama. which by the way, has some really good plantains with guacamole and tostones, but i was unimpressed by their empanadas. went back to the theater and we were given tickets! robin williams was the guest and charlie sheen was the on going butt of their jokes. oh yes, winning!