the rabbit club

after the tonight show, we headed back to the west village for some gelatos on a stick. then we moseyed over to the old rabbit club for a night of well mannered frivolity. this bar was a speakeasy back in the day. it is tiny and dark and you wouldn't have known it was there unless you already knew it was there.

needless to say, what happens in the rabbit hole, stays in the rabbit hole..

this about wraps up k + a ny trip. i wish we could do this more often despite the fact i got extremely sick with my thyroids all swollen the day after this. but it was so damn worth it.

i'm glad it took me this long to finish blogging about their vacation, because in 3 days i'm flying back to chicago with sofia for a week! the gallivanting shall continue, chicago style.

see you on the other side "my 'neakers."


scene: CHELSEA

west elm

angel st. thrift shop

▲ housing works

☞ antique shop

halcyon (DUMBO)

rebel, rebel records (west village)

the afternoon was spent on 17th st. thrifting, antiquing, record shopping & more record shopping. i convinced the ladies that we must go to MOMA afterwards and they agreed. on the way there we stopped to get coffee around 53rd st. and i realized we were right across from the ed sullivan theater. um, hello deli?! what a perfect time to get on the list for standby tickets to see dave letterman. luckily time and the weather was on our side and we were able to get on the list. killed about a couple hours and ate at empanada mama. which by the way, has some really good plantains with guacamole and tostones, but i was unimpressed by their empanadas. went back to the theater and we were given tickets! robin williams was the guest and charlie sheen was the on going butt of their jokes. oh yes, winning!


with no plans in mind, we wandered the deserted streets.

monday morning

we woke up a bit late that rainy monday morning. i ended up calling in sick from work and i'm glad i did. started the day off with some pancakes at stacks in hoboken. breakfast is a privilege specially on a weekday while everyone else is at work, the streets are empty and the restaurants have but only a handful of customers.


the city guide, act II

DUMBO scene

places to check out:

powerHouse Arena - a nice spacious bookstore with a great selection of books

halcyon - record shop with decently priced records.

reRun theater - this is an awesome theater. first of all, they only play independent films and its only $5. second of all, there is a bar in there and you can drink before the movie starts. and third: mom & pop's corn. oh my goodness!

& reBar - the restaurant in front of the reRun theater.


my thoughts go out to Japan, Hawaii and the Philippines...

be safe J.


the city guide

k + a

I sort of lost momentum from blogging and I have slowed down on taking pictures for reasons other than the weather. Luckily my friends came over and sort of gotten me out of this rut. It seems like such a long time ago since Karen + Alison were here when it has only been a week. They only stayed for four days, but we did so much not even my thyroids could handle it. Having them here was really nice and I got to finally do things in the city I normally wouldn't get to do. So, it was a vacation for me as well. I miss these gals already.

lunch at city bakery. i love this place because everything is so fresh.
all their ingredients come from the union square farmer's market.
the chocolate chip cookies are warm and chewy and gets crispy as it cools.
but, this place can be pretty crowded, especially during the weekends.
i didn't realize this as i usually going during the week.

scene 2
ceres gallery

we saw Masayo Nishimura's exhibit
Recollections: From New York to Tokyo
Japanese photographer who photographed NYC subways pre-9/11
and then the Tokyo subway scenes.

they've got a bunch of exhibits going on here as well and it is FREE.

scene 3
then we walked across town toward Les Halles for dinner.
where it was loud and crowded and the food was decent.
we were seated close to the kitchen,
and we caught a glimpse of the new chef, Carlos Llaguno.
i really liked the feel of this restaurant. it feels old world and homey.
and the fact that Anthony Bourdain has graced this place with his presence,
it's kind of holy to me.

scene 4
ACE hotel lobby becomes a bar at night.
the cocktails are overpriced
and their photobooth malfunctions.
but their employees are well dressed.
& the stumptown coffee roasters are some fine looking men.

scene 5
we didn't stay there for long and headed off to Barcade,
where some serious tetris playin,
craft beer drinkin and whiskey shots went down.

(image by k.)

scene 6
i want to say i forgot what happened after this,
but trying to get to the happy ending lounge in the les
got us all sobered up. and we somehow ended up in congee village.

but the night did not end with congee much to my dismay,
instead with some doners.

more to come...


fish tacos from Fast Boy on Vimeo.

this is why i love ezra:

he builds bikes
he taught dance
he shoots amazing photos
he cooks delicious food
(and he now makes these awesome cooking videos!!!)
he can beat cancer in the ass
and he is doing it again.
is there anything this beautiful man can not do?!

he's been inspiring me for so many years, even before he found out about the cancer.
follow him: teaching cancer to cry