brooklyn flea

i must say i was sooo excited to be able to finally go to the brooklyn flea. there were so many great things to look at, mostly vintage stuff. but yeah, it is a bit pricey. i didn't buy anything. well i almost did. i came back to the vendor in the third picture and almost bought a vintage crate. just as i was about to pick it up, two girls were also about to and they both went, "oh!"so i was like, "oh....". so yeah, i didn't end up buying it. which i'm glad anyway, because it was $30. (and that's considered "not bad.") anyhow, it was nice to be able to scope it out. next time i'll know what i'll be on the look out for. on another note, the mexican food vendors seem to be the most popular, since (authentic) mexican restaurants are hard to come by. i bought an elote, which everyone was calling corn. if you don't know what that is, it's corn on the cob with mayo, parmesan cheese, butter and chili powder if you like. i usually tell the elote cart guys in chicago, "todo todo on mine por favor, senor". and he hooks me up with the whole shebang. but here, they skimp on that stuff, unfortunately. sigh.

in the end we went home satisfied having bought a couple of chairs and a side table from a thrift shop around the corner.


may 12, andrew's birthday
on our way back home

world trade center
PATH station

when i take this route,
i think that some of the other commuters walking around are really ghosts,
but they don't know it. and i think that i might just be in purgatory.

to all the victims of 9/11,
may your souls rest in peace.



Random Taco Bell drive-thru run with the kiddo back in April. Yup, one of those days...