Happy 3rd Birthday, my big girl - who refuses to be called a baby or a little girl.
"Only big girl." She corrects me every time to remind me how fast life goes by.

This morning her dad said to her,
"Happy birthday Sofia! What do you want to do today?"
Sofia goes, "I want to go to my party!"
"But your party isn't 'til Saturday.."
So she says, "I want to go to Saturday!"

She's developed quit a clever logic and also a sense of humor.
The other night I was worried that the milk I gave her might have gone bad,
so I asked her, "Does the milk taste funny?"
She takes the bottle out of her mouth looks at me and says,
"mommy, it tastes funnnyyyy..." and starts giggling.
"mommy, it doesn't taste funny! it tastes... crazyyy! hahahahaha.."
We had a good laugh at that. Such a funny girl...
or how she says it, "pho-nee."

So we're off to Sesame Street Place today!



  1. How precious!
    She seems like a handful, but probably so much fun!
    I'm sure her party will be spectacular!
    have a good weekend!

  2. oh my goodness, she is a handful!!! i thought her getting bigger meant life = easier. NOT! hahahahaha but yes, you're right it is rewarding.

  3. that sandals pic is awesome. Wish I could see her right now she must be so adorable