mood indigo

it was andrew's birthday yesterday.
happy birthday baby dad.
last night: park slope, brooklyn
saw dale earnhardt jr. jr.

i wish i could live like this everyday.
until then, i'll live music to music.


  1. for some reason it's hard for me to create this tone in my photos. I think I naturally gravitate towards warm tones...but I'm liking this indigo thing.

  2. well i think its because hawaii is just sunny and it looks better in warmer tones. i think the blue works well in nyc, specially in the evening because of all that concrete. lol try doing a green tone, it might give you a bluish hue.

  3. hey do you like your blackbird camera? it takes 35mm right? oh i am so envious of you....i'm really into the vintage reflex cameras...but i love the blackbird.

  4. p.s. changed my blogspot address (again) gonna use hapieverything for something