happy mamas day!

we didn't make any plans for today. then we had all kinds of plans, but we didn't even end up doing what we planned...

this morning when sofia got up from bed, she tells me, "mommy i'll be back. i have a surprise for you. paper and drawing." she then went to the living room, but completely forgot about it. it was a sweet gesture though and that was enough. i don't think she had any idea what mothers day is all about, but i'm sure she had intuited something special about today. she's seriously intuitive like that. when she was only 8 months old and meeting her new jersey family for the first time, she didn't cry. but if it was a person who was not family, she would immediately cry. she's really good with the vibes.

so today adrienne, baby leila and audrey spent the day with us. we initially planned to have a picnic. couldn't decide what to eat though. then decided it was too hot. so i said, let's go to the beach, half joking. then adrienne suggested coney island! so here we are driving towards coney island and thought, man, that's kind of far. so we switched it up to the aquarium instead. turns out the aquarium is located in coney island. so we continued on our merry way. then, sofia said her stomach was hurting, so we decide to take the first exit we see. we didn't know where to find a bathroom though and we kept seeing signs to the staten island zoo. so we ended up at the zoo.

sorry for the tmi. i just thought it was kind of funny. the zoo turned out to be pretty awesome. i saw a lot of animals i haven't seen before, most especially a llama! and they were sooo adorable. there were peacocks just roaming about and we got to feed donkeys, goats, sheep, ponies and the llamas. even though the zoo was small and didn't have lions and bears and tigers, i really liked that people were allowed to interact with most of the animals there.



  1. How cute!!
    How I love little ones ♥
    with hearts as big as their eyes

  2. happy belated mother's day bella...sometimes i think we are so young to be mama's that i don't expect a "mother's day" greeting..hahaha.

    sophie is soooooo adorable!

  3. thank you rina

    & thank you sha! happy belated mommy day to you as well! lol i think i had more fun at the zoo than sofia. i felt like a child again, which is essential to keep myself from feeling old. i think we will always be young at heart. <3

  4. your baby girl is adorable! it looks like you had a good day. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! :]

  5. this makes me wanna go to the zoo. Also, baby girl's dimples have never been cuter. gibe her a hug for her uncle ju.