blackbird, fly

"... if you find me," said the little bunny, "I will be a bird and fly away from you."

"If you become a bird and fly away from me," said her mother,
"I will be a tree that you come home to."

- the runaway bunny

for mother's day, andrew surprised me with the blackbird, fly. it's a toy twin reflex camera which uses 35mm film and it allows you shoot in normal 35mm, square format, as well as large format. in this case, since its 35mm film it will shoot over the sprockets. that's what i shot with the photos above. but obviously no sprockets as i had come to find how difficult it is to scan them in. i'm hoping to stop by the lomography store next week and pick up a digatal liza. as a side note, i also found a natura classica at the lomo store yesterday! it was such a surprise because i thought they only sell that in a japan. but, much to my dismay, it is too expensive.

anyhow this is my first roll from the blackbird, fly camera. it's very similar to the lomo, but the actual taking of the picture is a whole different experience. i love looking through the viewfinder. sofia loves it too. we went for a walk with it a couple of weeks ago and i let her hold it. here's one from her point of view:

so, it feels like i haven't updated this thing in a while. i guess i've been sort of occupied with other things. and taking pictures with the phone in all its instant gratification has also been preoccupying me. although naturally, it's still not the same.

so oddly enough, i decided to develop the two rolls i've managed to accumulate this past couple of months. turns out one is from the bbf and the other one from the lomo. so i guess i may as well post these pics now too, since i feel like its been such a while ago. but really it isn't.

(sofia is asleep right now, knocked out from the day at the beach. thankfully, it's a holiday tomorrow so i might as well make a holiday out of this post. sort off. i'm just assuming that this will probably be a really long post since i started writing this 8 hours ago... before we went to the beach.)

actually now that i'm looking at these pics, some of them are from winter. and i just decided that i'll probably upload the lomo pics after i finish writing this post. since it's making me look back too far into the past (ei: last month).

ok, i lied. i'm feeling tired now and i want to watch a movie. so maybe i'll just make a separate post for that.

bye, for now.


  1. I've always seen this camera on the Fredflare website, and have always been curious about it.
    The pictures look amazing (as always!)
    Oh, that natura classica. Such a beauty, but too pricey! ):
    I am looking forward to seeing those pictures in your next post!!

    p.s. I loooove runaway bunny! I used to read that to my younger brother all the time!!

  2. oh rina i love that book right now. i read it to my daughter every night. funny thing is we've had it around the house for a while now and just started to read it to her last week. its so perfect right now to read to her. hopefully i get inspired to post again real soon, but the weekends winding down and another week of work begins. le sigh. i guess the sooner i post is seeming to mean better days are a comin.

  3. I like the title, and that first photo is amazing