back from chicago.



  1. Chicago comes and goes nowadays. It still feels weird to me sometimes to not be living there.

  2. Really nice lighting in these photos! I haven't had internet for a while so I haven't been too good about commenting. It's nice to look at your photos again :) I hope you're well!

  3. These are really powerful for me-there is something about your photography. True, I have always loved it-but it's like it's beginning to awaken something in me. Perhaps it is: compassion. These moments feel precious-and I thank you for sharing them :) If I could afford to-I would buy a photo from you. Perhaps we could do a swap someday :)

  4. thank you rachel.. your comments have been so encouraging lately. i have been meaning to update, but havent the energy since i have been sick. i am not quite sure what it is about it myself. maybe because you see a different aspect of my daily life on the other social network.. perhaps that you kind of know that much more about the people in these photographs? i am not sure. you mentioned on one of my photos that i am more romantic? lol i am not sure what that means, but i'd like to say i am not, but i am probably just in denial. but as you know i am a novice at this whole thing. and i dont have a clear aim except to try and capture and record certain moments in my life. ah but i think now i am even coming to a bit of understanding of myself now that we are talking about it. i think the way i catch the light in the photographs sheds a bit of drama or effect in these photos. and i see that in your photographs as well. the still moments that you capture have so much to tell. and they are always so peaceful. and as for me, i think i mentioned it to you before, that photography is an escape for me, from the chaos and thus i try to capture only the quiet moments. so maybe thats probably why they come off as "romantic". :) ...

    nevertheless, i try to keep it real. lol

    ps: wow i don't think my photographs are as valuable as yours though! but my oh my that would be such an honor to swap photos with you <3