remnants of sheffield house

There was something about this place that felt so peaceful, specially during the day. It reminded me something from my childhood.

There were windows in all the rooms which allowed for beautiful sunlight to come streaming in from all sides of the flat, which also made it feel warm and cozy. I've only been there a few times and these photos were from the day Adrienne moved out.

There was a book next to Leila's crib called, "Undead" by John Russo. I read a few pages while I was there and came across a quote which I found so poignant at that time. I didn't have a pen or paper on me so I decided to e-mail it to myself. Mind you this was back in January and I completely forgot about that quote. I didn't get the e-mail until a couple weeks ago which was odd. Here's the quote:

"Why does life seem so ugly and beautiful and sad and important while you are living it, and so trivial when it is over?

Life is a constant endless creation of graves."


  1. How strange. I wonder why you got the email was delayed so long.
    This quote reminds me of somethings william james might write.

  2. yes, it was strange and creepy. and might i add, to make matters even worse is that it was one of those weeks that i wasn't quite pleased with myself to say the least. and here i am getting an email from myself titled "undead" and with the quote in the body. just like that. i got goosebumps.