the rabbit club

after the tonight show, we headed back to the west village for some gelatos on a stick. then we moseyed over to the old rabbit club for a night of well mannered frivolity. this bar was a speakeasy back in the day. it is tiny and dark and you wouldn't have known it was there unless you already knew it was there.

needless to say, what happens in the rabbit hole, stays in the rabbit hole..

this about wraps up k + a ny trip. i wish we could do this more often despite the fact i got extremely sick with my thyroids all swollen the day after this. but it was so damn worth it.

i'm glad it took me this long to finish blogging about their vacation, because in 3 days i'm flying back to chicago with sofia for a week! the gallivanting shall continue, chicago style.

see you on the other side "my 'neakers."

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  1. Annabella! I've missed you here on blogspot, as well. I'm loving all the perfectly grainy film photos here. I can't wait to be in New York this summer.