new year's eve + lola lou's 50th

the new year came in a whirlwind
& i'm still holding on to my hat.


  1. Haha! I was just going to say your NYE sure looked busy, busy! And there it is, finishing it off with that cute hat pic. You know, I like the in the moment quality of your photos. They're more than snapshots, a lot more in fact! If they were perfectly crisp all the time-they'd be too austere. I think they are just right for the feeling you are able to share in life!

  2. @megan thank you!

    @rachel i am officially naming this whirlwind, hurricane adrienne! lol

    also thank you for saying that. when i first got these pictures back i was disappointed that they were so blurry. andrew says its because i shouldn't have been shooting with a 100 film for indoors/party photos. i was annoyed by what he said cuz i felt stupid for having "wasted" good film. so i really do appreciate your feedback. <3<3<3

  3. I love these photographs, they're amazing! New follower, dear. xx