from a walk around the village and the rest of the roll of lomo film. i had to adjust these on photoshop just because i do not like it so red. i know the film is supposed to be red. but it hurts my eyes. i have 2 more rolls of this film, which i will use in our lomo cameras instead.

i've gone shutter happy the last couple of weeks and have developed 6 rolls of film already. this is insane, i know... and i kind of regret it, because i'd have 1 roll of film from a single day and it lacks variety. i should just stick to taking one picture of anything as the case is 90% of the time i end up liking the first picture i took anyway. so i've stopped taking pictures and gave the cameras a rest. plus we haven't gone anywhere else and most of it is at home.

i asked andrew if shooting film is as good for him as it was for me, because it is just too exhilarating for me. he makes fun of me now saying that i'm addicted and my love for taking pictures is comparable to having an orgasm. hahahah!! yes, we cracked up about this for a good half an hour.

so, is taking photographs as good for you as it is for me? :D


here are the originals and other images i took with the lomo redscale film


  1. I would be interested to see the red versions. Did you use redscale film?
    I know what you mean, I go through phases of shooting so much film that it costs me an absolute fortune. I now try to have a monthly budget for film/developing….boring and stifling as it is, but it does kinda teach me to be a bit less shutter happy.
    Yes, sometimes seeing the shots I've taken is a massive high :)

  2. hey suzie, glad i'm not the only one!! :)
    as for the original i just desaturated them in photoshop, not much work. now that i look at it, it wasn't such a huge difference. i guess my eyes just needed to adjust. even looking at the really red ones now, i am starting to like. as for a budget i know what you mean. film is expensive. luckily i bought a negative scanner so it kind of saves me some cash as i only develop the negatives.

  3. Oh yes. I love the sound the shutter makes when I snap a picture. I am addicted to that sound.
    When I got my Mamiya ZE I was super shutter happy.
    I've calmed down a bit since then ;o
    It is a shame that film is a tad bit expensive, and developing it can be pretty pricey too
    (I hope someday I can learn to develop my own film)