my awesome friend {homegirl for life} karen took some photographs of our home when they spent a weekend here this past august. i was really surprised when she showed them to me because i had no idea she was documenting the place and it was a mess.. (as always).

but this is why i love her: she's amazing. her style is always fresh and she always has a different angle on things, both in life and her art. she can capture beauty and reality all at once. which is difficult since reality isn't always beautiful. but she's got something not many people have. she captures glimpses of time. her photographs draws you in and requires a meditative pause. and she does this all the time, each moment different from the other. she is thoughtful and she can make your heart swell. what can i say, i'm one lucky b. to have her in my life.

visit her journal. she captures the best bits of life.

she can take your portraits too :)

{thanks homie g. you & i are gonna have some major tea + dessert time next month!}


  1. hehehe ronx is a gal :p she's my cousin's mate, and she's also here:


  2. i really like her photography and your place looks cozy! :]

  3. @cinta oops!! lmao :x she does have an awesome style though. but you can see why i thought she was a dude in that pic you posted hahah!

    & thanks sewon!