i caught "the radiant child" streaming on netflix, which is, coincidentally, also currently showing at the film forum downstairs from where i work. anyhow its the documentary on jean-michel basquiat. i've never heard of him til now and i found his artistic life intriguing. he started out as a street artist in new york around the 80s. from there he became famous in the art scene and even had ties with warhol. he overdosed on drugs at 27.
this a pretty succinct biography.

this painting sold for $6 million.


  1. i watched this recently too. not many people understand basquiat but man he lived such an interesting life. i mean from being homeless to being warhol's bff in such a short time..crazy. but nonetheless..fame killed him.

  2. karen i'm glad you caught this one, cuz i immediately thought about you when i saw it. i loved his street art philosophy "samo" the most. i thought that was pretty cool.

  3. i came across basquiat a few years ago but never knew the backstory. i agree with you about the "samo"..i like that. i like when they showed when he paints. its like you can see his whole thought process evolve on canvas. too bad he overdosed. such a shame.