happy august

This summer has been pretty eventful and it will continue to be until the end of this month.
On the days we're not having/going to a party or on the road to go somewhere, we go for an ice cream drive. If we're too broke for that, we make milkshakes at home and watch tons of movies on netflix.
I'm half glad summer will be over soon. Though it's meant for lazing about we instead feel pressure to do something because it's "summer" and it can be really tiring.
But it's been fun.

So far my summer list is almost complete:
- road trips
- swimming
- vacations
- bbq's
- visiting family
- doing touristy things in nyc
(ie: staten island ferry, time square, etc.)
- hot air balloons
- watching a summer blockbuster: Toy Story 3

& looking forward to:
- watch Inception
- sharon jones & the dap-kings + the budos band free at prospect park this sat.
- my friends visiting me on..
- my birthday weekend..
- go to Rock the Bells on Gov's Island ..
- & finally seeing Ms. Lauryn Hill perform.


  1. yes! i'll be moving there in just a few weeks. it still feels unreal. p.s. i love your summer list. homemade milk shake and netflix sounds like my usual night in. i'm going to go google where i can go on a hot air balloon ride. :]

  2. I love the summer list!! Inception is a must-see. Gorgeous pictures as always. Dreaming of that balloon ride!

  3. We still have to do the Chicago architecture boat tour, and now we can add riding a hot air balloon to the list! next time...

  4. wow thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog!
    you have been following my blogs since xanga days??? wow!!! hahah that is so crazy. even my livejournal account?? were we friends on those past blogs? dont worry, i am not creeped out at all. if anything, i am beyond flattered!! that means sooo much to me that i have caught your interest for that long! haha i really did not think im that interesting. wow, you must have watched me grow up and make silly mistakes as well. hahaha
    thank you though!! :-D

  5. I really love your blog's layout! And these photos are great. I have not seen Inception yet either...can't wait to see it when I get back to the states.

  6. What a pretty blog you have! It really is an inspiration.

  7. I really need to start taking advantage of summer while it is still here! I love hot air balloons. I haven't seen one in so long.

  8. That hot air balloon sure looks dreamy....
    I also agree with Kaleena, your blog is truly an inspiration!