Things Remembered

via Things We Forget: #542

my friends & i did a lot of jumping off of cliffs in our day.

which reminds me...

karen & i were supposed to start a project like this a while back.
definitely one of the things we forgot.


  1. i have not forgotten! in fact, i still have the post-it note of two little birds on a wire in my notebook to remind me. we can still do it. and we can take pics of it and post them - like that idea you had!

  2. do you think jumping is harder than building wings? i always forget about projects, too. or maybe not forget. just put aside. :/

  3. @kv, that is a good idea! hmm brainstorm brainstorm

    @sewon, tis true, we never really do forget.. its just that sometimes a lot of other things get in the way. as for your question, i definitely think jumping is the hardest part its that moment when fear takes a hold of me the most and i hesitate a lot. its really hard to let go sometimes. and when i think of those times i jumped off of cliffs, i was either attached to another person, or was pulled down by the person next to me. i think half of the time that i literally jumped off of something tall/high i actually entrusted my life to someone else. perhaps it's the moment we decide to take the plunge that those wings will come right out of us. geez, it took me a while to really answer this. there's so many things coming to my mind when i think of it and theres so many ways to answer it. what do you think?

  4. isn't that a kurt vonnegut quote? great philosophy

  5. i think it's a ray bradbury quote.

  6. You are much braver than I.