30 rock

even though i saw these in person to get in the spirit of christmas,
i was still definitely missing my friends and family.
i miss the kids the most and singing karaoke in lynn's basement.
oh and eating all those foods and waiting til midnight to open gifts.
we skyped with my family in chicago as soon as we got home from the city.
i told them i wanted to be there when they opened presents.
so in honor of eastern time, they opened gifts at 11pm central time.



  1. what beautiful lights! The 8th picture especially is fabulous.
    It's really hard being away from family & friends at christmas……..I know how you feel.

  2. However you made the city look quiet, peaceful in fact! Is just beyond me. These photos feel as cozy as a cabin in the woods! LOVE IT!

  3. oh man rachel you have no idea how frustrating it was to get out of that crowd. thanks for pointing this out because i didnt realize that i havent any pictures to show how truly crowded it was there. we only found a place to sit down and take a few pictures for 10 mins. after that more and more people were coming and practically pushed us out of our place. oh well, thats nyc.