sofia getting ready

our guilty pleasure: white mana / "diner of the future" / 1939 world's fair building.

the burgers. it's like white castle, but better.

the snow finally came. all i can think about these days are food and comfort.
life is 2.5 times harder.
i say 2.5 because that's how many hours late i was to work this morning.
it really is difficult, all of it.
where do i begin.

my mantra for today was: "only the strong survive"
the PATH train station on grove st. was packed.
they had to shut down the turnstiles to control the amount of people
on the platform because trains were running on some "special" schedule
which required rerouting to hoboken.
so i waited for the wtc train instead.
it didn't come for a while. i ended up right by the edge of the platform.
which made me fear for my life, thinking to myself:
some one better not go berserk right now, because i could seriously fall off this edge.
i could feel the person behind me swaying.

at last the train came.
i took my time walking and trying not to slip into gray sludge.

i made it to work, eventually. had to stay til 7 though.

tomorrow will be better.

on another note

these pictures were shot a few weeks ago.
when i went all shutter happy.
i've picked up the cameras again for the holidays
and this time i bought some nice film.
i'm excited to see how they turn out.
i don't think i'll be able to develop them any time soon, though.
but... i've got tons of food pictures...
as if you guys don't see enough of those.


  1. i love these photos :)

    Merry christmas and happy new year! I'm so glad I started following your blog!

  2. Awesome designer stuffs.. thanks for sharing..

  3. @allison i'm so glad you started following my blog too! it really does put a smile on my face :D

  4. the burger and the cheese fries look sooo good. a bad burger costs $15 USD here and the fries are rarely crispy enough! :/ what time do you go to work in the morning?