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day 3 of staycation

hearing: angus & julia stone playlist

i've been bored as of late. well, maybe not bored, more like being too busy to search for new music and other pleasant things to distract occupy my mind. rediscovered angus and julia stone on kcrw "mornings become eclectic". and i can't help but think, why do i listen to such achingly sad music... and admittedly so?
anyway, this one's great.

for the windy city:


so since its my vacation and was looking forward to chicago, i've been all sorts of nostalgic for life and the people there. i think it might have been why i've done the unthinkable. but hopefully this will keep us in touch, since at times it can be too hard or too busy to do even that.

[warning: hasty writing, bad grammar ahead. ]

onto what we did on the second day of my break. yes, i know this is completely self-indulgent, but what is a vacation for, but to indulge. and having said that, what is a blog for?

what to do for pleasure...

yesterday i spent the day with sofia. took the train to the city. she loves that. i asked her in the morning if she wants to go to new york, and her eyes lit up, she's smiling and said, "NEW YORK CITY!" so i said, "okay, new york it is." she loves riding the train and prefers to stand. she doesn't like sitting next to strangers. and inches closest to the edge of the seat near me as i'm standing in front of her. and no we don't bring strollers because it's more of a hassle bringing that up and down the subway. met up with andrew for lunch at the shake shack and had a "shack"ago hot dog. it came pretty close with the whole cucumber, peppers, onions, tomato... but the dog. no. definitely not chicago. the fries were good though. the burger was juicy and it's on a potato bun which makes it yummy. after that we were on the bus to go to the lower east side, but after a couple stops i notice the momofuku wall and realized we were steps from milk bar. had to scoop sofia up from her seat and got off that bus. this time i got only the birthday cake truffles. i swear whenever i eat that it always feels like its my birthday. one for me, one for sofi. we were eating that outside a bench. some guy passes by and says, "nom nom nom". sofi pauses and looks at me. she smiles and nods her head. "nom nom nom" she said, as she savoured that sweet ball of nomminess and swinging her legs back and forth.

got back on the bus. for some reason, only some stops let you pay at some machine before you board. you insert your card and it prints you a receipt. so you can show it to the driver if he asks, other wise you can just walk right in, like the lightrail. anyway, i figured ill get back on the bus and use the same receipt, since it valid for going the same way and expires in an hour. so to heck with it. the bus is coming anyway and i don't want to have to pay twice for the same bus ride. all i did was stop to pick up cake truffles for me and my baby girl, surely that's no sin. so i got on, showed the guy my crumpled receipt. looks over it he goes, "you know this ain't the stop for this." so i said, "i know, but we started walking and ended up here." he looks at me, rolls his eyes and said, "you can't be doing this next time..." yeah, okay.

we got off houston. crossed the street and ended up at the playground on 2nd ave. sofia climbed the ladders and went sliding down slides. meanwhile, this old lady kept yelling at some kid. while all the kids look at each other and to me, all wondering who the heck is she talking to. then she'll yell again, saying "not you, i'm not yelling at you, i'm yelling at him." still don't know who she's talking about or to whom she's talking. we shrug it off and continue with our climbing and sliding. there is a woman sitting up on one of them forts with the better slide which sofia doesn't bother to climb because she's up there. any how, she starts saying, "that's not nice... that's not nice. you think i over sell myself .....!?!." repeating it over and over again while her voice gradually climbs up to shouting. i thought she was yelling at her kid, who is smaller than sofi. i look up and see she's on her phone. gosh, seriously. she is sitting smack dab in the middle of a playground, wearing an all pink velour jogging/hoodie get up. she goes on and on, and finally hangs up the phone. she comes down with her pale white kid looking like dakota fanning starts running towards sofie and wanting to play with her. so she's following her kid and i'm like, "oh sofi, say hi." the lady looks at me, she goes, "sofie?" points to sofi, "my daughter's name is sofie too!" oh... yeah.. great.
so the rest of the playground experience was trying to divert ourselves from these two because her kid keeps following sofia but sofia ain't having none of that. and also we have way too much in common. just kidding. but, no really.
anyway i got tired of the playground, but she wanted to stay. but i said, we gotta go, its cold and i'm not about to stay out and wait for rush hour. luckily the F was right there, so i was able to get off the next stop to soho. i wanted to go to uniqlo. but damn, i forgot it was veterans day and people are everywhere. any way, i'm pretty sure it was a good day to teach sofia a lesson about not holding my hands as that she insists she will walk as she darn pleases. oh and those damn street carts keep attracting her. she'd stop and go, mmm and points to those halal carts. that really made me laugh a little. she didn't even know what she wanted from there, cause when i asked her she'd look and look but could only point to water as it's the only thing she recognizes. anyway we didn't get through the store, it was too crazy, so we immediately left the store and got on the N. it was the closest stop out of there. sort of got confused with this train ride and got off on 8th st. didn't realize the stop was on broadway and not close to the PATH at all. so luckily i realized this before walking up those steps carrying sofi. so we waited for the next N. got back on and got off on 33rd, which the sign clearly says transfers to PATH. yay. they make it easy. i thought it was 4:30 already, luckily the JSQ train was already there. got seats because it was the first stop. looking at this family across us with strollers. everyone else have their eyes closed. yeah, it's pretty tiring. i look at sofi and she is also sleeping. she slept right through even on our drive back home. we got home at 4:30. which is awesome when you think it's already 6.

anyway, now i'm waiting for a package. i found a sign on the front door saying there's a package for me, but they will come back and try again tomorrow. so here i am spending all my morning at home. as if it was a waste of my time. no, i'm not complaining at all.

and yay, it's friday. have a relaxing weekend! also, if you read all the way down here, it means you love me.

i heart you too <3


  1. i showed carlos your photographs on flickr and they really made him feel warm about new york. he says you take beautiful pictures. i said duh! he also wants to live there, without ever been there. your photos make me want to live there too.

    sounds like youre having a relaxing staycation. i was sad you couldnt come here cuz i really miss you but i guess i'll be seeing you soon enough. lets plan some stuff to do. im nervous and excited about being there in the winter. it might be rough and pleasant at the same time. i cant wait!

    that pic of sofi against the graffiti is so good. shes so hood. i cant wait to see her!

    soon then, my friend.
    i love you.

  2. how come you always make my heart swell? i'm glad my photos make you feel that way about where we live. it does get a bit lonely because you guys are so far away. but its also a good motivation to keep documenting and sharing. and yes, please come live here already so we can do stuuuuuufff!!! seriously, can't wait for enero to come. the first time i came here was winter too and it was all too wonderful just the same. i'm sure you would agree. i really can't wait so i can give you a big hug! :D

  3. ps. it is always rough and pleasant here :)