day 1 of staycation:
listening to : aloe blacc playlist on youtube

so, i took the next 3 days off + the weekend. supposed to fly back to chicago, but tickets went up from $150 - $900 in like a day. but, its all good, i got the days off any how and it would be a lot more relaxing (after i clean this place up) to just stay home anyway. well, after i take this mental break and listen to this mix.

we've been really busy at work. for some reason, after i asked for the days off my desk just suddenly got stocked up by more work. wow, where did that come from? and how is this woman gonna give me 10 piles of paper to do in 1.5 hrs? she thought i wasn't gonna finish that by 5. 5:10 i'm out. on top of that, i was on a bidding war on ebay at 4:45. this is how i good i am with multi-tasking. what is wrong with me.. and what is this an, addiction? well, it sort of fills my thrifting hunger. anyway, i've sort of developed this thing for getting special things in the mail besides junk mail and bills. it's kind of like xmas morning to yourself when you find a little package waiting at the door with your name on it. what a sure sweet thing.

so this week, haven't decided what i'll be doing. maybe i'll go back to manhattan since the weather is looking to be in the upper 50s.


  1. i really do love those esimar paper earrings...but too bad you said they were poorly made...i would've bought a pair myself. i am a bit of an addict myself when it comes to finding some lovely item and waiting like a kid for it to arrive.

  2. yea the first one i got weren't symmetrical. i guess being paper and all there's nothing to weight it down and they look wonky on my ears. these are new one's though, someone bought for me :). i haven't tried them on, but they sure are pretty to look at.

  3. Hi! Still looking for a ticket to Radiolab's event on Thursday night? I have one I need to sell (date cancelled). It's $45 for the ticket (that's what I paid per ticket). If you're interested, hit me up on Twitter--@NYCHiker