summers are for celebrating

it's 3am.

i've been up editing sofia's and audrey's birthday party pics,
because long story short, cvs effed up my negatives.
i got them back full of scratches with some sticky substances
on some of them and folded in the most inconvenient places.
so i will have to make do with what i have.

sofia icing

we went to alex's 2nd birthday party at scholastic books today,
i know sofie and audrey had a lot of fun with all the games they had them doing!

today is also my dad's 66th birthday.
cheers to you, my daddy!

oh and lucy's too.

a couple other's birthdays too, i remember yous.

summers are for celebrating.


i've put the birthday banner back up.
so, here's to celebrating everyday!
don't forget, stay young at heart.

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  1. I love the atmosphere in that photo. And YEAH to celebrating everyday! And to staying young at heart! It's important to keep adventuring, always.