it's a new day + superstitions.

all i've been hearing is bad news lately and one of my co-workers had brought up that she was looking into superstitions. i'm still not quite sure how to feel about them. it just seem silly to seriously believe in that. though i have to admit, i dabble with feng shui and the daily horoscopes every once in a while. i mean, its really just like checking the weather, no? oh who knows. but lately, when things go wrong, we seem to turn to these superstitions for hope. kind of like religion to some extent, but less committed.

anyway the two i remember growing up is wearing something with polka dots for fortune/money/some sort of luck. and the other is jumping when the clock strikes 12 so you'll grow taller. i don't do the jumping one anymore as i don't really care if i'm short or tall like i did when i was 10. but if i could remember, i'd wear an article of clothing that was polkadot if it were convenient. whether it worked or not i didn't pay much attention. but i've run into some bad luck like every other person. and like some people i try to see the good in the bad and so therefore i wouldn't really think it bad. and thus i think i'm fortunate. but that's because my last name, which is dichoso, means "fortunate" in spanish. now i'm not spanish at all, i'm filipino. but i'm pretty sure there's some spanish down the line. i haven't technically and neither am i planning on confirming this. this is as far as i'm actually going to think about it. but i'm just going to toss the idea out there.. and i digress.

so for new years eve we went to his mom's house to also celebrate her golden birthday. the big 50! and wow. i must say, she is superhero mom. and i am completely grateful for what an awesome human being she is. she really does put things into perspective.
but anyhow back to superstitions.
here are the one's i've observed.
bullet points if you will...
  • pancit - filipino noodle dish for longevity. which is also a dish served in every birthday. spaghetti works too. as long as its a long noodle.
  • rice/coins in a dish. so you won't go hungry and for good luck
  • fruits - positive feelings, happiness, companionship
  • knocking on wood - to prevent something bad spoken of from happening
  • jangle coins in hand when clock strikes 12 - for good luck
  • polka dots - sign of money
  • leaving coins in the windows new years eve + day of - for good luck
  • opening windows - for prosperity
  • broken dish/glass/mirror - bad omen
  • spoon / fork dropping - someone will arrive. spoon = woman, fork = man
i feel somewhat ridiculous, but there is also something in me that wants to believe for the sake of having hope in something. and i do somewhat follow feng shui because it gives meaning to structure. ie: i don't like the head of my bed facing the door because something about bad energy going straight to you. so with that said, i do believe in energy. good or bad. and i guess some people would call those spirits. but i don't like personifying these things. as i think human beings can be a lot more dangerous and cause a lot more damage and pain in others. sometimes though i can sense different vibes from people. and i've since learned which people bring positive energy or negative energy into my life. which is also another reason why its hard for me to be in social situations, make new friends, or have anxieties around certain people. but enough about that.

another superstitious thing i sort of believe in is that whatever you are doing or feeling the day of new years is what the rest of the year will be like. which is why i was trying to write this entry yesterday so i could blog more often. but now, i'll just have to make a conscious effort to do so.

i really have no point in writing this. just a way for me to get my thoughts out about it.
hopefully 2011 will have good things coming our way.

ok enough words.
more pictures to come!

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  1. I enjoy superstitions quite a bit! And these are particularly great! Hmmm...maybe I need to bring more polka dots into my life :D