"bistek" (beef steak)

i was around 10 years old when i discovered how much i really love this dish. i remember only taking a little bit of rice and putting too much meat on accident. this meant that the ratio of rice:meat was uneven. after eating all the rice there was plenty of meat on my plate still, so i got more rice. but then i took too much rice and so i had to get more meat on my plate. this might have happened a couple more times, but not on accident...

this is a simple dish.
marinate thin slices of steak/beef tenderloin
in 1/4 cup soy sauce, 4tbs lemon juice/kalamansi/vinegar,
minced garlic & freshly ground pepper
30 mins - overnight
heat 2tbs oil in large pan and fry beef
then add the marinade and boil. let simmer.
cut 1 large red onion into rings and add on top of beef.
you can even fry the rings in a separate pan if you want it a bit crispy

alternatively, andrew suggested that we could marinate the beef and broil it. duh, why didn't i think of this. i decided to create a bed of onions and thyme for the meat. pre-heat broiler at 350. baste the meat or just add the marinade i there too. cook for 30 mins- 1 hour depending on how thick you cut the meat. i was too lazy to cut it so i just left it whole. it took about 1 hour. serve with steamed jasmine rice.

"imbotido" - filipino meatloaf
i actually didn't make this, it was from a restaurant.
the meatloaf is rolled in foil and steamed for 1 hour.
usually this is made in large batched.
so you freeze some and fry it when ready to eat.
you can even eat it for breakfast with fried egg and rice.

bokchoy stir fry, imbotido and polenta
i made polenta for the first time using this recipe.
except i didn't bother frying it or adding tomato sauce.
i'll try that next time.

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  1. I'm definitely going to try these!
    I love new recipes.