mornings with her

the last days of my vacation/weekend was spent waking up slow with the little one.

i let the cat's meow wake her up this time because i always feel bad doing it myself.

sometimes we make pancakes or walk to, yeah i hate to admit it, mcd's for hotcakes.

around the corner from there is a pet shop. there are three kittens at the window.
we go in to play with them. interesting enough, their names were: mike, vinny and ronnie.
of course.

one day i took her to the sitter so i could just watch netflix all day,
eat chicken salad on crisps and drink tea.

i actually really enjoyed my vacation after all.

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  1. haha! (i'll admit that i get those hotcakes every now and then).

    but yay! glad you had a good breather. time to make that memory/treasure/scavenger hunt map! heehee.