Lately I've been feeling like everything is piling up on top of the other. Papers, garbage, dishes, work, feelings, etc. etc. It sometimes makes it difficult to find beauty in anything. I feel like I am running out of things to photograph because I've been stuck on autopilot mode just to get through the days. Meanwhile everything is starting to look and feel the same. I have to admit though that looking through the lens has been a sort of escape. It feels really good also to find that you captured exactly what you wanted, and sometimes it gives you something even better than you hoped for. The last roll I developed turned out really bad. only 4 images was visible. It looked like someone had violently ripped the end off and some of the frames were cut halfway. It broke my heart at first, but I think the images that did come out, were surprisingly - magical.


  1. Its always so sad when you get a roll back that a lot of photos didn't come out on. These really ARE magical though! I love the perspective on that first one!

  2. i guess with the age of digital and the convenience of an lcd screen to delete and keep the pics you want, people forget that sometimes awaiting for pics from a roll of film is the nostalgia that's slippin' away quickly.

    your pics always seem to come out just right.

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog! You have some fantastic photos here, I love the red and green lights. It is always a blow when the film doesn't come out…….c'est la vie :(