breakfast 5 days a week: tea + oatmeal

brooklyn diary. loved seeing tim harrington in this.

milk bar, cake truffle. oh my.

new francois payard bakery opened up near work.
so far i've tried a hazelnut cake roll and the almond croissant.
both are unforgettable.

i'm exhausted, though my life is pretty mundane. i can only entertain thoughts of excitement.
i find myself daydreaming a lot more lately and i feel really bugged when someone talks to me. i try to have me time at work and plug my ears with my headphones, although at times it really isn't playing anything. i only have one hour of lunch all to myself. people ask me to go to lunch with them, and not to be rude, but i've started bringing lunch just so i could enjoy a quiet moment. i always thought i would be better at socializing when i'm older, but i guess that will never change. perhaps it would be different if people didn't talk too much. i'm especially bothered by the girl who's jaw dropped because i was looking for a bookstore. she was in disbelief. she asked me, "a bookstore? for what?"
"to buy a book to read, duh."
"yeah, but why? that's too much work!"
ha. maybe if she read more, she wouldn't be talking so much hot air.
i guess this is why i'm drawn towards the bookish types. they're usually quiet and when they do speak, they actually have something interesting to say, or at least i imagine so. i for one try to be as boring as i can, but people seem to keep coming back to chat me up. ugh, fail.


  1. wow thank you. i'm a fan of yours <3

    re: to your question, i use a pentax spotmatic.`