midweek breakdown

My friends road tripped here this past weekend and it already feels like it was such a long time ago. This week has been pretty long. It's been a week since Lola left for the Philippines and Sofia had to go back to daycare. Adrienne also gave birth to Leila on Tuesday. And it's been really hot which equals to a very irate me. I really wish fall would come soon and I wish for a weekend getaway to Boston or Baltimore or Philadelphia. I need to go somewhere. The only thing that keeps me sane are photographs and taking pictures. I was very annoyed at myself when I dropped the camera and exposed the film after taking pictures with/of my friends. And it's not very often I get to take pictures of people other than Sofia or Andrew or random strangers.

Andrew was mad that I used up all his Fuji Pro film. I feel half bad that I did, because I really like it, but I wish I would've taken better pictures with it.

*edit: I changed my layout to look like my old xanga page. It feels a bit more comfortable to me now.

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