"midwest is best" road trip

Day 7, Wednesday: En route to Pittsburgh, PA we passed through the tip of West Virginia.

As we crossed this bridge coming from OH, we noticed this little historic town &
decided to take a detour. Turned on some random streets and found this area.

We didn't stay too long. Though the little town had a lot of beautiful bridges and historical buildings , there was something about it that was amiss. To be honest, and I know this may sound ignorant, but the people there sort of creeped us out. It seriously reminded us of those movies about urbanites getting lost in some small town and never making it out alive. Our theory was that there was something in the water, or we wonder whether incest is legal in this state, because some of the people there was just... not right. So we made sure we were out of there before dark.

Thinking about all of this, I just decided to wiki Wheeling, WV, and lo and behold:
"The origins of the name "Wheeling" are disputed. One of the more credible explanations is that the word comes from the Lenni-Lenape phrase "wih link", which meant "place of the head." This supposedly referred to a white settler who was scalped and decapitated. His severed head was left on display at the confluence of Wheeling Creek and the Ohio River."
Well, this explains it all! Oh by the way, we drove all the way up the tip of WV and saw an oil refinery along the river. Hello, toxic exposure...

On a lighter note, John Corbett is from Wheeling, WV and I just found out he's dating Bo Derek.

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