arts & crafts

I've been feeling the need to do some arts 'n crafts. I finally found a Michael's near me so I'll be hitting that up. This morning I kept thinking, "an art project a month/week/day will keep the doldrums away." And so it's decided, I will start on projects and depending on how big the project is will try to complete at least one every month.

More pics from Pitts. Responsible for this need to be all crafts-y.

We'll see how this goes.

"Wildcard", indie handmade paper goods store

"everyone an artist"

"Society for Contemporary Crafts" gallery

quilt art work


  1. such a beautiful & colorful post. <3

  2. i looove michaels! i love arts and crafts! its been a while since ive done any! this blog post has inspired me to do soo! thanks!

  3. Good luck with your projects. And that paper goods store...the one in the first looks amazing!