sweet and simple days

"i really learned a lot
how to dust off my heart
how to make it shine
how to take a field of dandelions
and make dandelion wine"

"such sweet and simple days
though bitter tasted the wine
we drank it anyway
for love had made it fine
when the world was young
when the road was bright
and the morning poured
its golden light
like dandelion wine "

- ron sexsmith, "dandelion wine" -

i am in love with this season. more sun, more daylight, more time to spend outside. though it isn't officially summer yet, i've been listening to compilations of songs from the summer of '04 and it always brings a smile to my face.

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  1. Joe and I were listening to one of the compilations from back then too before I left. Not sure what year though, but it had Landslide and You and I Both.

    Lucky you for not getting allergies from pollens.