mahalo sarsi

this post is dedicated to J since he's moving to hawaii next week.
coincidentally, i developed ten rolls of film last week & discovered
these pictures in the lot from our southwest road trip in 2008.

this song 'the highway' by peter & the wolf sums up that road trip for me.

"wake up, were driving it's best to keep moving. things are going okay.
eating fruit on the highways, trying to stay healthy.
dreaming of the old days. eye sockets running out in the fields.
the life of the farmer, it always appeals to me.
i wrote on a postcard i may or may not send.
i was keeping distracted until i saw horses and thought of you."

J. was notorious for smoking cigarettes at that time. having learned i was pregnant, he decided he would not smoke around me. i was so proud of him because even though it was so hard for him not to smoke in the car, he was careful and considerate of me the whole way through -- from chicago -- texas -- new orleans -- memphis --and then back to chicago.
however, this might be the reason he decided to gulp down a liter of moutain dew
which turned him into a chatterbox and king of karaoke-in-the-car-while-bella-tries-to-sleep.
nevertheless, it proved to himself that he could quit smoking if he wanted to.
a year later, he did... noting that this trip was a precursor to it all.

now, with the weird air left behind, he will be be taking off in a week to follow the sun & worship the waves.
he'll breathe in a new life and know what lightness feels.

here's to your many many new adventures to come, my good friend.
i've enjoyed our voyages together and look forward to sharing a few more when i see you
in your new home.



  1. rey and ferdinand made it to my bbq yesterday. It felt like old times - we got into pang asar mode, and then we went karaoke.

  2. this made me happy and sad.

    side note: sarsi had a cig at the bbq cuz he was leaving, he said.

    mmhm thats right i said it.

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  4. I am in control, I promise. Hahaha - this is cause she found out about Ferd, hmm. I've saved plenty since I quit - it was harder than my thesis project, I aint trying to go back there.

  5. hahahah!! he can smoke, cuz he "quit"! don't worry, i use that all the time.